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    At Real Life Recovery we have some of the best substance abuse counselors in Delray Beach Fl.  Our addiction specialists are focused on the health and long term sobriety of our clients. In our intensive outpatient program you will be meeting with many of our certified addiction professionals to help you on your road to Continue Reading

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Category Archives: News

Anxiety and Alcoholism: Where is the Link?

Anxiety is a mental state that is centered around a heightened sense of unease, fear, or dread.  Some people have unusually high levels of anxiety which can lead to an anxiety disorder.  At some point, everyone will experience some anxiety.  It is natural for anxiety to arise about a difficult or newly beginning situation.  Being Continue Reading

Factors That Determine How Severe Withdrawal Will Be

You have probably thought about what your withdrawal symptoms could be like if you have given any thought at all to giving up on your drug or alcohol habit.  Many people with who have an addiction problem are so worried about their withdrawal symptoms that it keeps them from the help that they truly need.  Continue Reading

Broadway Isn’t All That by Paul Efron

As I write the year 1976 in the subject line, it causes an involuntary emotional, almost physical response in my mind and body. By the early ’70’s, I was living two, three or maybe even four distinctly separate lives. Drug addicts have the ability to fool themselves for years. Here is a version of this cathartic Continue Reading

Relieving Your Pain Without Prescription Medicine

Opioids, the most common medications prescribed for severe pain, can work very quickly and very well. The problem is that opioids are not really meant to be a long term solution to the continual pain.  They are great for relieving your pain in the short term while an injury heals or you get back on Continue Reading

When the Music Stops by Paul Efron

Once again, I find myself drawn back to the ’60’s. Quite a time in the history of our country and certainly in this writer’s life. As a matter of fact, if it didn’t almost kill me [numerous times], it would have been enjoyable. Earlier today I had a thought of the Singer Bowl in Queens N.Y.C. Continue Reading

Little White Lies by Paul Efron

As I was teeing off at 7 A.M. in Palm-Aire Golf Course this morning, various thoughts were running through my mind. The first thought which usurped all the rest was….How is it possible that I have been playing golf for over half my life and I am still the worst?  There are probably some very old people in Continue Reading

What Actually Happens in Cocaine Detox

What Does Cocaine Detox Look Like? Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. In the last 40 years, cocaine popularity has skyrocketed causing a whole array of problems for law enforcement, families, and addiction treatment professionals around the world.  Cocaine addiction not only causes problems for an individual but for the Continue Reading

The Gamble by Paul Efron

Once again, my thoughts this morning have brought me back to the 60’s. Quite frankly, I sometimes think I never left that time of my life. It’s the mid-60’s, the usual sex, drugs, and rock and roll…My life is moving at 300 MPH in all areas. I have NO impulse control and NO fear of Continue Reading

1965 Shea Stadium by Paul Efron

  There is a song by Jackson Browne that in many ways sums up a large part of my life.The name of the song is ‘Running on Empty’ The song declares in ’65 I was 17 and in ’69 I was 21.That was not only my age, but it was the leading edge of a group that Continue Reading

Examining The Value of the 12 Step Approach to Recovery

When you are looking at recovery options for drug, alcohol, or any other kind of addiction, some facilities and therapists prescribe to the 12 step treatment option while some do not.  12 step programs have been around for quite some time.  A 12 step program operates by a set of guidelines or guiding principles that Continue Reading

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