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    At Real Life Recovery we have some of the best substance abuse counselors in Delray Beach Fl. ¬†Our addiction specialists are focused on the health and long term sobriety of our clients. In our intensive outpatient program you will be meeting with many of our certified addiction professionals to help you on your road to Continue Reading

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View some of our Intensive Outpatient Programs activities.

Our intensive outpatient program here in Delray has a variety of activities, that our professional therapists will go over in detail, to help you on your road to addiction recovery. During the outpatient recovery process, it’s a good idea to have a healthy balance of extra curricular outdoor and indoor activities to keep your mind occupied, focused on health, and long term sobriety.

Overcoming addiction is a process and our professional staff here at Real Life Recovery are here to aid you in your addiction treatment with outstanding successes through our intensive outpatient treatment programs. Whether it be drugs or alcohol we have the knowledge and understanding to help you be successful in your addiction recovery goals.

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