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    Day/Night Treatment Residency (PHP)

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    At Real Life Recovery we have some of the best substance abuse counselors in Delray Beach Fl.  Our addiction specialists are focused on the health and long term sobriety of our clients. In our intensive outpatient program you will be meeting with many of our certified addiction professionals to help you on your road to Continue Reading

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Outpatient Treatment Educational Programs

At Real Life Recovery we understand the importance of regaining educational skills that may have been put on hold while in active addiction. We designed an educational program for any patients wishing to receive tutoring that will be helpful in school or better job placement skills. We believe all of these skills are for a better opportunity at a bright future. Below is a list of  our programs and the skills that are learned in each:

  Language Development

  • Grammar Development

  • Syntax construction

  • Vocabulary Development

  • Sentence Structure

  • Fluency

  • Form and Function

 Reading Skills

  • Sound and Symbol Relationships

  • Blends

  • Diagraphs

  • Two Syllables

Reading Comprehension

  • Making Inferences

  • Deductive Reasoning

  • Conclusion Formation

  • Structure analysis

  • Fact, opinion, assumption distinguishing

  • Synthesizing Skills

  • Meaning Construction

  • Reciprocal Idea Interchange

  • Self Thinking

  • Questioning

  • Monitoring

Writing Skills Enhancement

  • Essay Writing

  • Report Writing

  • Letter Writing

College Eligibility / Application Process

Job Eligibility / Application Process

Computer Skills training

      i.  Microsoft Word

     ii.   Microsoft Power Point

     iii.  Microsoft Excel

     iv.  Internet Searching

GED track education program

    I.  SAT/ ACT track education program

    J.   Vocational Track education program

  • Mechanic Course

  • Landscaping Course

  • Hair Braiding/ Styling

  • Tile and Flooring Installation

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Painting

  • Air Condition Repair and Maintenance
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