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    At Real Life Recovery we have some of the best substance abuse counselors in Delray Beach Fl. ¬†Our addiction specialists are focused on the health and long term sobriety of our clients. In our intensive outpatient program you will be meeting with many of our certified addiction professionals to help you on your road to Continue Reading

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Day/Night with or without Addiction Treatment Residency (PHP)

The Partial Hospitalization Program supplements addiction recovery by adding more personal responsibility to the treatment process. Day/Night Addiction Treatment involves therapy sessions during the day and the opportunity to go to group sessions in the community at night while living in a community housing where clients take on more personal responsibilities.

The Day/Night program provides on-going therapeutic support for continued recovery. This level of care allows you to receive intensive treatment and 24 hour supervision. The Day/Night program is a great next step after the completion of in-patient treatment. On the road to recovery, continuing to have a solid support system is essential, especially following detox programs. The Day/Night program is an ideal way to stay on track and continue finding your strength through sobriety.

During the day, you will attend a variety of educational groups. For three hours in the morning, we offer psycho-educational groups along with private sessions with our staff of expert therapists. Our educational groups help you continue to stay on the course to becoming sober.

During the night, you will have the opportunity to attend fun and interactive groups. We offer sessions that include art therapy, meditation and other fun activities that also help with addiction treatment. Evening classes last for three hours and provide stress relief and new avenues and activities you can use to continue staying sober after treatment.

The Day/Night program is also known as a partial hospitalization program because it supplements addiction recovery in a community housing setting. You will receive personal treatment as well as beginning to take more personal responsibility in your treatment. You will live in a community of other recovery patients and develop a strong community of positive support.

The Day/Night program helps clients transition from in-patient or detox programs back into a structured environment and routine. You will be provided three wholesome and delicious meals a day in the Day/Night treatment program. The Real Life Recovery team helps encourage the client every step of the way on their journey of recovery. Ready to experience the difference the Real Life Day/Night Treatment program can make in your life? Call us today at (561) 265-5951.

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